ZONGAMIN aka Susumu Makai grew up in rural Japan and moved with his family to East Anglia at the age of eleven. He attended Summerhill School where he learned to play bass guitar and went on to play in several bands. Makai went on to study at the Royal College of Art and began experimenting with sampling and recording. ZONGAMIN’s music has been described as incorporating left-filed disco, funk, hip-hop, and house, along with good old sloppy garage rock and spaghetti Western soundtracks.

ZONGAMIN started releasing music in the early 2000’s on Midnight Mike’s label, Flesh Records. ZONGAMIN later released albums and singles from XL Recordings, Kitsuné, Ed Banger Records, Felicity, and most recently, an EP titled “O!” (2018) on Multi Culti. In concerts, Zongamin consists of a group of musicians: Susumu Mukai, drummer Leo Taylor, graphic artist Will Sweeney, multi instrumentalists Mao Yamada and Leon Harris, and is also occasionally joined by a mysterious hooded figure.