Night Stories

Night Stories is an ever evolving music and art project, featuring a carousel of interchanging guest artists. With symbolism woven into a complex tapestry of motion graphics and film, the aim is to explore and pay tribute to the great storytelling mediums of our time. Using visual art, audio samples from popular culture, featured vocalists and the occasional spoken wordplay, Night Stories sets out to entertain, educate and playfully pose questions about the many commonly shared issues of our lives.
At a Live show expect an electronic performance curated on the fly, featuring ‘J Dilla’ style MPC drum play, multiple live instrument changes throughout & playful social commentary. You will hear emotive dance floor rhythms and the warm sound of the Rhodes, an organ synonymous with 70s funk and soul, alongside synthesisers and Movie samples.

The production style is heavily influenced by artists such as ‘St Germain’, ‘Fat Freddys Drop’ and ‘The Cinematic Orchestra’. The concept was originated by Matthew Rubrick a Lyricist, Producer and Graphic Artist from the North of England.