We are very proud and excited to share our involvement in Wild In Arts latest project. Following on from the success of Bee In The City Mcr, they have devised a new art trail, 50 Windows of Creativity, a showcase of the work of artists and makers displayed in a series of locations across the city centre from 26.10.20 to 05.12.20. Moovin Festival’s Visual Art Collective (basically the fabulous decor team) have got a giant window, whoop, and have been busy bees creating their own window of creativity.


The Decor collective have created and designed a wonder filled window reflecting the magic and madness of Moovin together with each individual artist’s experimental, original and unique style. Nel Daly is the original visual creative of the festival and leads on the quirky visions with the many colourful key pieces, and beautiful, wild and unique flowers featured, adding that ever present magic and attention to detail, always with humour, and some creative gems.  Johanna Wrigley of “Jabio Creative” leads on the design structure, bringing shape & Reclaimed colourful fabric back to life within the festivals theme and is the Creator and Maker of the wonderful mural reclaiming old preloved records juxtaposed with thought provoking words.  The rest of this visual delight is a collaboration of minds and skills from this core team, with mushrooms featured from Sonya Molyneaux, an occasional yet integral member of the team, who as always also brings a sprinkle of the extraordinary.  The team collaboratively pull together the key visual & creative elements of Moovin Festival resulting in the very distinct, contrasting yet complimentary style that makes both the window and the festival such visual gems.

Our window is located inside KSMCR, however to view it you have to go round the back, to St Anns Churchyard, there is a trail route for all the windows which you can access either online or through the app, it’s basically a giant, outdoor, social distancing friendly art gallery! Positively contributing to the economic, social and cultural life of Manchester at a time when we all need something new to explore, it also supports the city’s art and creative community, it’s businesses and cultural venues. Pieces from the displays will be available to buy from the artists so it’s great opportunity to find an original piece of art or unique gift for friends or family. The project culminates with an auction which will see a selection of pieces auctioned with proceeds split between the artist and The Lord Mayor of Manchester Charity Appeal Trust.


More information about 50 Windows of Creativity can be found on the website https://beeinthecitymcr.co.uk/50windows/ or by downloading the app.

Contact for any of the artists can be made directly with them or via create@moovinfestival.com.

Nel Daly – nelliedaly@yahoo.co.uk

Johanna Wrigley – https://www.facebook.com/Jabiocreativeor https://www.instagram.com/jabio/

Sonya Molyneaux – sonya.molyneux@me.com