Making small batch, inventively flavoured real dairy ice cream, sorbet and vegan ice cream since 2010. Winner of British Street Food awards “Best Dessert” 2011, ’12, ’13 and winner of “Best Of The Best” 2012. Our recipe book MELT was published by Simon & Schuster 2013.Everything that goes into our ice cream is make from scratch, from the custards and crumbles to caramels and fruit compote.
Our beautiful retro ice cream van (lovingly hand designed inside and out) Ginger, loves meeting new crowds and our menu is always a talking point of any festival!
Marmalade on Toast (BSFA double winner 2012)
Salted caramel & peanut butter
Imperial stout & Gingerbread
Fior di latte with toasted panettone
white chocolate & pink peppercorn sorbet
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Orange blossom & honeycomb (vegan)
Malted coconut milk (vegan)
Pear & espresso (vegan)
Blackberry, rosemary & sage sorbet (vegan)

Most ice creams are naturally gluten free, and these days 50% of the menu is vegan. We only present vegan flavours that are every bit as divine as the real dairy versions.

Our dairy comes from Cheshire farms within 30 miles of where we make the ice cream in Manchester. Our chocolate is from Pure Origin, made locally. Our fruit is sourced from the market on the basis of what is over ripe and would otherwise go to waste.