We provide our Caribbean street food from our food truck with some of our own signature dishes. 

Working from our food truck we specialise in Caribbean cuisine. We currently operate a takeaway service with tasty food and generous portions!

It is the history of our recipes, which have been passed down within the family for at least three generations that truly sets our business apart.

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We Look forward to seeing you all!



Jamaican beef patties are a rich flaky yellow pastry dough filled with seasoned ground beef. The pastry dough is made with flour, butter or shortening and beef suet and salt. 

The festivals or Jamaican festivals are a kind of deep-fried bread, typical of Jamaican cuisine. Despite its slightly sweet taste, is served as a side dish to dishes such as fried fish, escovitch fish or jerk chicken.

Salt fish fritters are crispy, chewy fritters made with salted fish. They are chocked full of salted cod which is flavoured with hot pepper, onions and scallion. They are crispy and chewy and slightly dense.


Rice and peas is white rice cooked with red kidney beans and seasoned rice.


Curry goat is marinated curried goat slow cooked with Caribbean spices .


Jerk chicken 1 quarter of chicken marinated in spices and slow cooked on special bbq pit


fried chicken succulent Caribbean fried chicken with a range of spices from the Caribbean islands.