Who are you?

Da Fuchaman aka Zemroy Thomas was born and raised in a small village called Middle Buxton in St Ann, Jamaica. Since a young age music has been an integral part of his life, from the humble beginnings of singing in churches and schools before the age of 10, progressing to street singing and sound systems and now the incredible Da Fuchaman and his blaze band.

How it started?

As a teenager Thomas would enter into many singing competitions and would win many more than he would lose.

Da Fuchaman arrived in the UK in the summer of 2002 and didn’t take long to become one of the most versatile and vibrant performer on the scene, as he continues to make is mark on the reggae scene this has manifest into him working with some of the most renowned artists, producers and record labels in the UK, Europe and Jamaica, this includes the likes of Anthony B, Lutan Fyah, Turbulence, Perfect Giddimani and Tippa Irie but to name a few.

Record labels include Giddimani Records, Reggae Livication Records, Yam and Banana Records, Run Tingz and many others. Producers; House Of Riddim, Uri Green, Pay Day and various others.

How it’s going?


Da Fuchaman also shared stages with the likes of Morgan Heritage, Horace Andy, Sista Nancy, Freddie McGregor, the late great Fankie Paul and many others.

In this time  Da Fuchaman has released seven studio albums, five Eps and countless singles.

This has led to him winning Best Reggae Artist for the Southwest at the MMG Awards in 2018 and gracing many stages with his high energy performances all over the UK and Europe.

Over the last three years Da Fuchaman has formed his ten piece band known as ‘Da Fuchaman and His Fire Blaze Band’ which has been making great waves on the UK scene.

Da Fuchaman music is mainly based around the daily the poorer class of people faces, empowering then to stay strong and to believe in themselves and not to give up hope as he believes that the struggle won’t be forever along side some social commentary.