Krafty Kuts: The Legendary Turntablist Returns to Moovin Festival in Stockport

As the air buzzes with anticipation for Moovin 2023 we’re delighted to welcome back the one and only Krafty Kuts to the fold. The seasoned turntablist and celebrated producer is making a triumphant return to Moovin Festival where he has torn it up in previous years. With a career spanning decades and a list of accolades that would make any artist envious, Krafty Kuts has become a major player in the world of electronic music.

Born in Brighton, Krafty Kuts discovered his passion for music at a young age. Inspired by the sounds of hip-hop, funk, and soul, he began experimenting with turntables, honing his skills and developing a style that would soon become his signature. In the early 1990s, Krafty Kuts embarked on his musical journey, captivating audiences with his innovative approach to DJing and releasing some tasty records along the way.

With his innate ability to blend genres seamlessly, Krafty Kuts quickly gained recognition for his electrifying live performances. As he carved his path through the music scene, he became known for his genre-defying sets, effortlessly fusing elements of hip-hop, breaks, drum and bass, funk, and everything in between.

Krafty Kuts’ career soared to new heights as he ventured into the realm of music production. His debut album, “Freakshow,” released in 2006, garnered critical acclaim and solidified his position as one of the most innovative producers in the industry. The album featured collaborations with various artists, including Tim Deluxe, Ashley Slater, and Dynamite MC, further showcasing Krafty Kuts’ ability to blend different musical styles seamlessly.

Over the years, Krafty Kuts has amassed an impressive collection of awards and accolades, cementing his status as a true pioneer in his field. He has been crowned “Breakspoll’s Best DJ” an unprecedented eight times, a testament to his unmatched talent and unwavering dedication to his craft. Additionally, he has received accolades for his remix work, with his rework of Jurassic 5’s “A Lesson in Fades” earning him the “Best Remix” award at the International Breakbeat Awards.

As Krafty Kuts graces the stage at Moovin Festival once again, attendees can expect nothing short of a transcendent musical experience. Known for his ability to captivate audiences with his expertly curated sets and infectious enthusiasm, Krafty Kuts will undoubtedly create an atmosphere leaving festival-goers craving more.

Moovin Festival has become the perfect playground for Krafty Kuts, allowing him to unleash his creativity and connect with his audience on a profound level. With a stellar lineup and a backdrop of natural beauty, the festival provides the ideal setting for the musical journey that Krafty Kuts is renowned for.

“Moovin Festival is one of the Standout festivals of the year for me, wonderful location, with the best party people who are always mad for it…. what more could you ask for…”