Who are you?

Hailing from Brighton, Moovin resident Martin Reeves AKA Krafty Kuts returns once more.

His road to success is anything but short, starting out in a burgeoning scene of technical turntablism and breaks in the UK. Renowned and respected worldwide for his highly technical turntablism, meticulously crafted DJ sets and party-punching productions, Krafty Kuts is in a league of his own.

How it started?

In Martin’s own words the name Krafty Kuts was a “Long story but I will cut it down to size! A few years back I started a breakdance club with a group of friends and we had some decks just to play music and work our routines out. One day I had a spin and tried to do some scratching and actually found that I was much better at this than busting my balls and bones breakdancing so I practiced, got better and better. One day while cutting & scratching away someone said hey that was a bit “Krafty” I thought hey that would make a good DJ name as I was searching for one then, but Krafty was just not enough. Then the cutting and scratching came into mind “Krafty Kuts’ ‘ was born aged 17 and the rest is history!”


How it’s going?

One of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movement, Krafty Kuts has multiple awards to his name and has released music on the likes of Ministry Of Sound, OWSLA, Southern Fried, DMC, Fabric and many more.

With releases still flowing and sets at many major festivals expect another large year for Kraty Kuts. At Moovin 2022 expect a ‘King of the beats’ set alongside Plump Djs / Freestylers.

We can’t wait.