Who are you?

Seun Kuti is the youngest son of legendary Afrobeat godfather Fela Kuti who has continued the musical legacy of his father. A talented saxophonist and percussionist with knowledge that digs deep into African traditions to reflect the continent’s struggles and cultures bringing it all together with powerful delivery and infectious rhythm and groove.

How it all started?

At the age of 9 Seun started singing to his father, clearly impressed by his ability Seun began performing with his father and the band, until his fathers untimely passing in 1997. From the age of 14, Seun assumed the role as leader of the Egypt 80, continuing the political and social ethos of his father.

How its going

His father’s band still forms an integral part of the artist’s 16 piece funk-fuelled, global orchestra. The energy would always be sustained throughout the multi-hour shows, never deviating from the over political, always swaying towards an improvisational standard, maintaining those side-skirted compositional norms; a musical reproduction that can only be achieved on a foundation of long standing interaction. Youth on his side, Kuti will always state that “Fela will always be number one,” however his continual shift in phase will merit his achievements in staying current, with evolving his musical signature.