Cure your hangover with Martyn Gong Spa Cawthorne! We have used a review of Martyns gong spas below, as there is literally no way we could put it better!

Martyn is a gongtastic gong master! His playing is magical and hypnotic, his energy resonates calmness, sending soothing ripples of peace and love throughout the room. Each time has taken me on a different journey- Ive cried, Ive laughed, Ive been swimming underwater and flying up in space. The gongs take me on an adventure out of my body or deeper into myself. Ive seen colours swirl behind my eyes and Ive felt my aura expand until it might burst into a billion stars and shower the room!
There might not be any water at a gong spa but its like being a baby having a bubble bath and then wrapped in a fluffy blanket and cuddled while a lullaby plays you to sweetly sleep.. Bliss  Thanks Martyn”, R.


YOGA with Andrea Everingham

Andrea Everingham will be holding two classes a day during this years festival, one at 10am before the gong bath and one at midday, after it.  Further details of the styles coming soon but there will certainly be some Jivamukti which is a challenging, yet spiritual practice, classical yoga mixed spiritual teachings, supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.

With 20 years experience of teaching yoga, and her own style if teaching that really connects with not just your body but your mind, we cannot recommend one of Andreas classes enough!





We are aware that one of the things that makes Moovin so special is the synergy between the festival and the special place that is Whitebottom Farm, so last year we made a Despacho and we will be doing so again this year.

The idea behind the Despacho is a simple offering to the spirits of the land as thanks for hosting what is always a magical weekend. If you want to participate by adding a leaf or flower, find and bring one, or come and choose one, on the Sow the City stall between 1 and 4pm on Saturday then head to the fire pit for the burn at about 4pm.




We are pleased to welcome Illumin8te back to the festival this year bringing the following treatments
Massage – Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai and Indian Head Massage
Also Reiki Healing, Sound Healing and Breathwork
Charge per treatment is time dependant, please inquire on site
They will also be offering daily cacao ceremonies for £5 per person