We really want to do everything we can to make Moovin as sustainable and ethical as possible, and have as little negative impact as we can.

For the last few years, zero waste from the festival has gone to landfill, it goes to the tip, gets sorted into recycling as much as possible by a machine, and then the rest gets taken to a place where it is incinerated to produce energy and electricity.  It really is brilliant, you can read all about it on the links below if you want to, but the more we can recycle before sending it off, the better it is environmentally.

More recently we have made the site a single use plastic free zone, last year we introduced a can recycling scheme for the campers, and this year we intend to go further with composting food waste, though we will need your help with putting stuff in the right bins please!

We have four different water points on site, including one in the campsite and two near the barn stage, please feel free to fill your cups or water bottles from these, or if you don’t have a water bottle you can always buy a fabulous Moovin water bottle from the merch stall. The water point on the side of the proper toilets near the barn is actual spring water from the farm itself, though if the queues for that are too long, the water from the other points is still fresh and drinkable!

When booking caterers, we have always stipulated the meat must be ethically sourced, the only beef sold on site is from cows from the actual farm the site is on, all chicken must be higher welfare or free range, and all the eggs are free range.  This is on the booking conditions of all caterers that come to the farm, also that they all use biodegradable food and drink containers.  The coffee trailer offers multiple milk alternatives,

Each year we try and improve our green fingerprint and this year, all toilet paper used on site is recycled, as are all the black bin bags, the green bags for compostable waste, are of course compostable!