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**Unveiling Antony Szmierek: The Story of a Relatable British Spoken Word and Indie Hip-Hop Artist Set to Illuminate Moovin Festival 2023** In the vibrant tapestry of the UK music scene, there’s one artist whose words and music strike a chord with audiences everywhere – meet the talented Antony Szmierek. At 32 years old, this Hyde-born … Continued
It’s important to let your hair down from time to time so please contact to receive your discount code. Moovin ❤️
We’ve now sold out of Tier 1 tickets! However, as were all about the party (obviously) we’re giving everyone the opportunity to buy tickets at the cheaper prices they are now frozen for the next 7 days. ❤️ DON’T MISS OUT.
Krafty Kuts: The Legendary Turntablist Returns to Moovin Festival in Stockport As the air buzzes with anticipation for Moovin 2023 we’re delighted to welcome back the one and only Krafty Kuts to the fold. The seasoned turntablist and celebrated producer is making a triumphant return to Moovin Festival where he has torn it up in … Continued
We send our best wishes to Laurent for a speedy recovery and hope to see him perform for us at a future event. ❤️

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