Each year Sow The City bring to MoovinIm a Celeriac, Get Me Out Of Here with a selection of free fruit & veg based games and activities, such as Sprout Mini-Golf, Willow Crown Weaving, Crown Swede Bowling and the now legendary, Blueberry Toboggan Run. Dont be shy, say hello and get involved



An abandoned abbey which was taken over by hillbillies and turned into a moonshine barite is now a chill out space, also knows for impromptu performances, phone DJ parties, and weddings, feel free to bring any of these vibes to this space. Chill, perform, party or marry….or add something to this list!




Lounge about and relax by the lakeside, watch the floating lilly pads, try not to fall in.


Also worth a mention…..tho there are some portaloos… there are also lots of proper toilets! (AND SHOWERS)