Since its inception in 1995, innovation and creativity have defined Ozomatli. Hailing from Los Angeles, the group found a way to represent the city’s eclectic culture through music that appeals to the local community and the world beyond. Ozomatli’s success is exemplified in an impressive variety of genres from classic to modern Latino, urban, hip-hop and other world styles. The “Dioses del Baile,” or “Gods of Dance,” have created one of the most exciting, captivating and flat-out fun live shows touring today.

Continuing to harness their musical instincts by conceiving new concepts and forging new sounds, Ozomatli will keep fans on their toes and the world dancing during their performance at Moovin Festival. This 6-piece band come from Latin roots and are able to deliver stunning multi-genre crossover performances that only Ozomatli can make feel as natural as waves rolling in the Caribbean sands. We can’t wait to welcome them to Manchester and Moovin Festival and with Jurassic 5’s Chali2 joining them on stage its set to be something very special.