Kevin Saunderson is an American legend. Living in Detroit he befriended Derrick May and Juan Atkins to become the “Belleville Three” and are considered to be the originators of techno.
Although frequently associated with Detroit, Kevin Saunderson spent the early years of his life in Brooklyn, New York, before moving to Belleville, Michigan, a rural town some 30 miles from Detroit. Saunderson first met future Techno pioneer Derrick May when the two were fourteen. Initially concentrating on becoming a DJ, Saunderson began recording in 1987.

Saunderson was inspired to create his own music after watching the six-month-long process as Atkins and May completed “Let’s Go.” Saunderson is perhaps most well-known for his collaboration, “Inner City”, which came about “by accident”. Over the years, and after three albums, Inner City had nine Top 40 hits in the UK and two Top 20 albums, with combined sales of more than six million. Saunderson however maintains an elaborate solo career and continues to DJ all over the world and is still classed as a true innovator.