Justin Robertson

It’s hard to find a succinct way to describe a man with over 25 years experience as an innovator and restless proponent of fascinating forward-thinking music, art, and writing. Let’s use legend, it is sometimes over-used, sometimes misplaced, but in this case it is entirely accurate. His rich history is matched only by his tireless need to keep pushing forward, and as a result he remains one of the most relevant and exciting DJ/Producers around, as a whole new generation of electronic enthusiasts will testify.

Justin began his journey as a student in Manchester. Attracted by the flourishing musical heritage of the city, he soon fell in love with the emerging alien machine funk that would become the Acid House scene. Working at the legendary Eastern Bloc records, it wasn’t long before he began to make his mark as a DJ, creating and curating two of the U’Ks seminal Balearic House clubs in Spice (with Greg Fenton) and Most Excellent, where the young Chemical Brothers found inspiration. His chart topping radio show, “The Temple of Wonders” goes out on a monthly basis on Soho Radio.